Wind Beneath Our Wings

I’d been taking acting classes for a couple of years with a wonderful, gifted and generous gentleman, Ted Prior.

So fortunate in my journey, in that class I met several wonderful actors/producers/playmates among them James Brinkley, Alissa Koenig Staples, Danielle Jacobs, John Michael Thomas and Ben Staley ( who contributed talent, equipment and their very valuable time to the production. At the Repertory East Playhouse ( I discovered more support from talented actors who gifted their talents on screen to Medicine Ways. I will say, that to me, the most touching gift was their genuine and enthusiastic support of and belief in Medicine Ways. Just remembering that they fully believe in “my” dream brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.

Bill and I committed to producing the promo and set a date. My husband agreed to give Medicine Ways a production budget of $10,000 – talk about loving support and wind beneath my wings! We joke about forming a production company and maybe soon that will be more than ‘a joke’ for us. Bill and I started asking for help: that’s when the Universe opened the Way.

We called Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital ( and they agreed to allow us to shoot in their out patient surgical center for the cost of Security (and we made a donation, too).

The Actors all worked for a copy of their scenes and the food we’d feed them. (Honestly, I cannot wait for the day I can pay actors! )

James Brinkley ( DONATED all the camera equipment for our shoot. John Michael Thomas acted as DP for no charge. Ted Prior, one week before he had open heart surgery, directed. When we filmed our ‘last’ scene, the opening scene of the promo, the entire Santa Clarita Valley (where we were shooting) was literally ringed in fire. The actress who played Fiona, ran home to make sure her 2 young daughters were evacuated from their home safely and then returned to the set so that she could ‘fill out’ the wait staff in the party shots. Really? Amazing.

Rene Veluzat at Blue Cloud Ranch ( allowed us to film there for – well, he swore us to secrecy, but suffice it to say he truly made it possible.

The morning of the shoot we ‘lost’ one of our locations. The final shot of the piece. I had such a clear vision of that shot. A Grand Oak with Marina’s spirit guides/ancestors standing beneath it. Danielle Jacobs ( was driving around the SCV sending me pictures of Oak Tress :). I had a strong intuitive feeling that shot would take place at a certain location – a private home. I called friends of friends to get a number…. the first answer was, we had to cut that Oak down last winter… then, finally around noon I got to speak to the homeowner they had more Oaks on the property that wasn’t manicured. “Perfect!” I said, and as the sun was setting, we were climbing over ladders in costume racing for the Oak Tree to get that beautiful, final shot for the promo.

As we moved into the editing process – amazing gifts continued to lift Medicine Ways. James Brinkley put untold hours into editing ( Joseph J Lawson ( added amazing VFX. He even took the time to meet with our Technical Advisor, Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere ( Rev. Bruyere drew and described what the aura looks like at the various points we wanted to show the audience what Marina was seeing. Rev. Bruyere is the most scientifically documented aura reader in the world.

It’s such a little thing, but it means so much to me… I have a favorite album- Silvia Woods, The Harp of Brandiswhiere. I could hear pieces of her music ‘underneath’ portions of the promo. I looked up her web site ( and called. When she called me back and gave me full permission to use whatever I wanted, gratis… I was beyond grateful giddy!

Years pass. The Vision persists.