The Medium is the Message

When Marina is performing the pipe ceremony – she is actually praying for every member of the crew and the production as a whole. That the show might lift, heal and inspire millions some day. The sound guy, Joe McGill, insisted on micing me even when I said I wasn’t going to be saying/praying anything that would be used. (He was, of course, right. There’s that prayer you hear under the Voice over at the top of the piece that would not have been there had he not insisted.) He alone heard those prayers that day. He asked me after we shot that scene, “Were you praying for us?” I replied, “I was.” He said, “Thanks.”

That’s one of the keys components of Medicine Ways, I am not just ‘acting’ the role of Marina Bridgeas. I am an energy medicine healer. I have trained and practiced for over 20 years. When Marina is praying, there are prayers being prayed. When Marina is healing, I am running energy. The scene where Marina is running energy on Alexia’s head – I was running so much “hot” energy, I was literally dripping sweat. TMI, I was holding towels between my knees while we were filming. I couldn’t stop myself and ‘just’ act as if I was running energy – nope I really was.

This would be a prime example of “The medium is the message.” Medicine Ways is a very powerful calling for me. I first set foot on a stage at the age of 6 or 7 and acting is a life-long passion for me. I am one of those people who can’t not act. I love it. It opens me and teaches me and allows me to give to people in a deep and powerful way. That’s just the was it is. I feel just as strongly about my work as a Minister and a Healer. When I first received the vision for Medicine Ways, it literally appeared to me as the yin/yang symbol. The Actress who is a Minister/Healer would play the Minister/Healer as an Actress. It was a powerful “knowing” and it resonates in me to this day. I’m putting that here in spite of the fact that Industry people assure me that if anyone picks up Medicine Ways I will not “be allowed” to play Marina because I am “not a name”. Sylvester Stallone did it. ( With divine help (perhaps you will be a part of that blessing, too), I’ll do it, too.

I haven’t thanked you, yet. Thank You. I so deeply appreciate your interest and your support. Hearing from you, hearing your healing stories, feeling your prayers – I am awash in your blessings and humbled by your support. I really don’t have the words to thank you, but know that I pray for your well being every day and am grateful beyond measure.