My Heart Sings

I would be remiss if at this point I did not mention my long-time friend, Garry Corman. I met Garry years ago when we were both actors for a non-profit theatre company, “Meridian Theatre and Academy”.

We did a lot of work with developmentally disabled adults (I hope that’s still the PC way to put that). He wrote all the music for an original musical that we produced with our clients and that’s when I found out what an amazing musician he is. Garry and I somehow managed to keep track of each other throughout the years and he has had benefitted from the kind of energy work that Marina practices. When I shared my Medicine Ways vision with him, he was entirely supportive! He has written several original songs for Medicine Ways, although only the ‘theme’ song has been produced so far.

Let me just say, I think Garry is one of the finest, undiscovered musical talents alive today. Many of his songs are among my all-time favorites and I’m one of the few people that has had the great good fortune to hear them. Now back to the Medicine Ways story :).

When Garry was going into the studio to record “The Blessing and The Curse”, he invited me in. What an honor!!! It was then I found out that the musical genius of Jonathan Clark ( would be mixing and providing much of the musical inspiration for the song.

Turns out Jonathan and I had met years ago and done some “medicine” work together. Wow. He offered us a rock bottom rate on his services – again, making it possible to so much more with the song than I’d dared hoped. While we were in the studio Garry had the deep grace and ability to allow me to suggest a slight alteration to his lyric about the experience of energy healing. Both Garry and Jonathan asked for and implemented my creative offerings and preferences for the piece. Out of that, came the actual prayer that you hear in the bridge. It is a Cheyenne Woman Honoring song/prayer and it was performed by four of the nicest women you’ll ever meet in a cave. (Just me, four times with a fair bit of echo added 😉

The voice of the song, Nicole Gordon ( . Again, another under-recognized talent. A woman so gracious, she let me make suggestions in her interpretation of the song. The little laugh before, “no one sees it worth”…. thanks again, Nicole.

One of my most fervent prayers is that Medicine Ways shines a beautiful light on the significant talents of the people who have so generously contributed to it.